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Quilting Games Using Quilt Design Decks

Below are quilting games for quilters of all skill levels. Games are designed for quilting guilds and groups. But, here’s the fun part. They can all be modified to be played by a single player. We are always coming up with new games, so check back often. If you have an idea to create a great quilting game send it to us. We are always looking for new ideas. Send ideas to

All games assume the following:

  1. There is a host or moderator (if doing in group settings).
  2. Everyone has their own sewing machine.
  3. Everyone provides their own stack of 5” squares (or host provides all squares to make sure colors match) or pieces of fabric.
  4. Required supplies:
    • Thread
    • Bobbins
    • Scissors
    • Cutting mat
    • Ruler and at least a 4 1/2” square
    • Rotary Blade
  5. All units completed are squared to 4 inches.
  6. The host or moderator is responsible for completing the quilt.
  7. Sashing, borders and bindings are part of the quilt top completion process and not include in the games.

Following guidelines apply to all games. Remember these as you start your games:

  1. Choose any number of Quilting Design Decks to use and shuffle them together thoroughly
  2. Decide what size block you wish to make; 3x3, 4x4 etc.
  3. Decide what size quilt top you want to make; baby blanket, lap quilt, queen or king size

 Suggested Number of Blocks

Quilt Size















Now that that’s out of the way let’s get started

Go Quilt

This game is our most popular.

  1. Have each player select one card at random from the shuffled deck, rotating to each player, until everyone has the required number of cards for your block size (3x3 block would require 9 total cards, 4x4 would require 16 cards, etc.).
  2. Each player then designs their block using only the cards they have drawn.
  3. Each player sews their units together.
  4. If you are a single player and want to create multiple different blocks; replace all cards back in the Quilt Design Decks, reshuffle and repeat steps 1 thru 3 until you have finished all your blocks needed for your specific quilt.

Game of 3's

Game of 3’s a great social game to challenge the design side of our brains.

  1. Randomly select 3 cards from the deck.
  2. After acquiring your cards remove the rest of the matching cards from the deck.
  3. Using those cards design your block pattern. Each card design must be used at least once.
  4. You can continue to use these cards to complete your quilt or repeat steps 1 thru 3 until your quilt is finished.

Quilting Go Rounds

Quilting Go Rounds is a fun community style game. There is no racing needed, but it is fun to have this element in place.

  1. Place all Quilting Design Decks together and shuffle
  2. Deal out all cards in front of each Player, face down. Cards remain face down. Deal out enough cards to match the number of units required to complete the block.
  3. Each player draws the top, face down card off of their stack of cards.
  4. Look at the card and sew that unit.
  5. Once everyone has finished sewing their unit each player passes their unit to the right and place the viewed card in a discard pile.
  6. Next round. Players draw the next face down card in their stack and sew unit.
  7. Sew the new unit on to the unit that was passed to you.
  8. If a row is complete, pin or safety fasten the pieces together and pass the pieces to the right.
  9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 until all rows are completed.
  10. When all rows are completed the final player will sew together all rows to complete the block.

Quilting Card Challenge

This is a great challenge you can do that doesn't require everyone coming together in one place.

  1. Get a group of quilting friends together.
  2. Choose the order of players.
  3. The first player randomly selects 9 cards from their deck.
  4. Every player makes their own block from the selected cards.
  5. Once the block is finished the next player draws 9 cards from their deck.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the desired number of blocks is reached.

House Rules: Another variation is to have the host of the challenge select all the cards.

Full Quilty

This lets you use ALL of your cards!  It may require having multiples od the same Design Decks.

  1. Choose which Quilting Card Design Decks you want to use.
  2. Choose the size quilt you want to make.
  3. Using the cards design the entire quilt!