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Become A Quilt Designer

"Quilting Cards have changed the way I quilt." ~ Becky C.

Patterns Are As Easy As Laying Out Cards

"The Quilting Cards are great to use as a reference when laying out my fabric." ~ Amber D.

You Can Become A Designer

You want to design your own quilts. Currently, you search through endless pattern books with their limited design choices.  Maybe, you even looked into one of those expensive design programs. Or, you gave pen and pencil a try only to find the process messy.  

What you want is a simple solution when it comes to designing quilts, one that will let you create or reproduce beautiful quilts.

Quilting Cards were created to make designing quilts and blocks easy. All you have to do is decide on how many squares in your block, select the cards you want to use and then arrange the cards until you find the perfect block. It is simple, fast and fun. In no time you will be designing your own unique beautiful quilts.

 Whether quilting is your therapy, your creative outlet, or your way to show those around you they are loved, you will find no better satisfaction than when you become the designer with Quilting Cards.

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Why You Quilt

I love creating, I make a lot of my own designs. And seeing them come out as a tangible creation always makes me step back for a moment. Always amazed. I love seeing where fabric I bought so long ago ends up. Not knowing at the time what I would use it for.

I love being creative, It is relaxing and keeps my mind clear and focused. I often think what good therapy it would be for those that need to occupy their mind in a positive way.

Artistic expression, love of colors, so challenging to my brain. fill's a lot of can't sleep hours. get's me out with others of like mind. When gifted to others, a real feel good moment.